Tomorrow is the day that I get my move on. I have a few friends and a couple of trucks lined up to start the move first thing in the morning. The weather report says it may rain tomorrow morning too. I’m praying against that for sure.

I’m actually pretty anxious to move. I don’t have much to move which is nice, but when you are totally dependent on others (and the weather now) its gets to me. I know it will all work out. I know. But I’m still anxious, ready to get it done. Sometimes I day dream and think about something tragic happening to me, keeping me from actually moving myself and then having to get others to pack and move me completely. Another day dream I have is that it will just magically be moved. I know, I’m crazy.

So if the weather holds out and we can make a few trips, I’d hope that in a few hours I’d have all the big stuff moved, with just a few things left to box and move which I plan on doing Friday anyhow.

This move will be good for me too. Moving in with an old friend. A good guy. Living alone the past few months again hasn’t been that much fun. I haven’t been home a lot which helps, but some of that was on purpose. So having roommates again will be glorious. I know, I’m weird.

Today is pre-moving day. Am I ready? Most likely not…but I’ll deal. Tomorrow is moving day. Am I ready? Absolutely!

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