So last night Melanie and I went to see the King’s battle the Memphis Grizzlies and it turned out to be an amazing game.

ESPN had this to say about the game…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — After making 14 straight free throws, Kevin Martin stepped to the line in the closing seconds of overtime for two more that would decide the game Wednesday night.

Despite comments from the Grizzlies’ Hakim Warrick about handling the pressure, Martin calmly made a pair of free throws with 7.6 seconds left. Martin finished with 36 points to help the Kings snap a three-game losing streak with a 107-106 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.”I was talking to him [Warrick] before he made his free throws [to put Memphis up 106-105], and he came by after I was fouled and said, ‘Now the pressure is on you,'” said Martin, who converted all 16 foul shots, establishing a franchise record for most free throws without a miss. “In that situation I’ve got to look at it like there is nothing to lose. You go to the line and knock them down.”

We had an amazing time. Melanie’s dad has season tickets and treated us a to a game. Our seats…were incredible. I’ve never sat on the floor at a pro basketball game. It was an experience of a lifetime. I had so much fun talking to players and the ref’s too. I probably got a little crazy at times, but ya know, you only live once, so why not right? No…I was pretty tame. Mel can validate that if you want.

If you were to watch the game on TV you would have seen the back of our heads the whole time. My big head basically covered the “E” in Arco Arena that was written on the floor. My friend Dallas called me when he was heading home from church and he was able to find us (or the back of our heads) on the TV. I helped him out by holding up a “peace” sign with my fingers. The lady next me was curious as to why I was doing this, I told her because I wanted the King’s to make another shot…

There were four seats to the left of us that the owners of the King’s normally sit at, or there guests. Last night they gave them away to some kids and their parents. It was so cool because at one point during the game Kevin Martin had just made a great shot and this little kid, sitting on the floor, and about 5 or 6 feet from Martin said, “Good job K.Mart” and he turned around, smiled and said “thanks kid.” That little kid’s face said it all. I thought it was so awesome how he took the 2 seconds to respond to him. It made my heart happy.

Most people think Ron Artest is a jerk. And well, he may have that going for him but he also is an amazing player. I’ve followed him and his career for the past few years and I’ve always thought his leadership and skill on the court was impressive. And last night…I got to see “my legend” do his think. I flippin’ love this guy, he’s amazing. And K.Mart had 36 points last night. What a great game…

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