As a youth pastor at Yuba City Nazarene, I am apart of a larger church body called The Nazarene Church. On Sunday night I had a online meeting using this thing called Skype. This meeting was with some of the youth pastors of other Naz churches that are in my district. Together we serve as the leadership team for our district Naz Youth President.

Our district leadership team and NYI President have decided to contribute $750 towards my trip to Kiev in late July. What a generous gift my fellow pastors and churches in my district have given to me. I am very thankful for their support and their generosity.

I will continue to need to raise support. I have asked my senior pastor how he feels it best that I go about raising support at our church. I want to be considerate of a few factors…one being that we have a team going to Mexico in June and they have been working really hard the past several months to raise money throughout our church and our community to go on their trip. Also, we have an adult team going on a what we call a “Work & Witness” trip in August too and they will be needing to earn and raise support as well. So with that said, I talked with my senior pastor and expressed to him my need for church family support, but also how I don’t want to look like I am pulling some “pastor-card” at church to raise money to go.

A friend from church, Sarah, told me that she has some friends who work as missionaries in the Ukraine who moved there in 2001 as church planters and now they are pastoring a church in Kagarlyk, Ukraine, or something to that effect. It would be so awesome to be able to connect with them while I am there.

So keep praying about my trip. It’s coming up very soon. Thanks and may God bless you this day!

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