Today marks my 6th day of battling this blood infection in my leg. It’s been pretty crazy. Last Thursday and Friday were so brutal. I really wanted to die. Every part of me hurt. Saturday wasn’t much better, but my girlfriend dropped everything and came to support me.

Besides my mom and my dad, I’ve never really ever had someone take care of me like that. Friends have taken me to the doctor before (thanks Lori for helping me with last Friday night too) and they’ve gotten me my medicine or food to help me through being sick, but Melanie, she dropped everything and spent the whole weekend taking care of my every need.

I love her. She’s amazing. And she’s mine, she picked me and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Yesterday and today have been really good. I slept well last night, and its been days since that’s happened. I think my body has fully adjusted and accepted the medicine I am on. And, I’ve had the weirdest cravings for food. Yesterday it was chocolate chip cookies and pizza, and tonight its the McChicken burger. So you know I have to be feeling better if I am eating like a horse.

But being stuck at home for so many days in a row has been hard. I’ve watched a lot of TV and movies. I’ve seen every commercial and I have watched so many episodes of Law & Order, COPS, and Trading Spaces that I can’t stand watching them anymore…but probably will later tonight. This morning was the first time I tried reading and it didn’t make me miserable.

I had a few people stop by on Sunday and they brought us left overs from the BBQ and they visited. Pastor Mike and Coach have called and checked up on me and yes, my mom has called every day encouraging me and talking with me so I know I’m loved.

So any day now and I should be ready to walk again and be more free to drive myself places and maybe visit some of my cool neighbors.

One thought on “six days of being sick

  1. You do have a pretty awesome girlfriend if I do say so myself. Remember when I told you that you liked her then but she would only get better the more you got to know her. I was right, wasn’t I!? Well, I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ve been praying for you.

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