Today I was sitting in my doctor’s office waiting on him for a check-up of my leg. (First off, why do they call us into that little room and then just make us wait more? And secondly, well I forgot my second point, but oh well.) So I was sitting there and I saw an old Reader’s Digest on the counter so I thought I would look through the magazine and see what I could see.

It’s such an interesting little magazine. People had written in and shared jokes and funny stories and most of them I found to be very funny. Then the thought came to me…”I’m funny and funny things happen to me all the time, I bet I have a funny story I could write in about.” But as I drove home I laughed at myself because don’t old women read Reader’s Digest? I’m 26 and a dude. I don’t exactly fit the mold as a Reader’s Digest contributor.

So when I got home I totally checked it out online and guess what. They say that I could earn up to $300 when I share my funny story. I’ll let everyone mock me if I get $300 bucks from sharing a funny story. I’m cheap. My dignity isn’t worth that much.

I shared how one day during lunch I was with several high school students and I greeted one of the kids by saying “Whatsup dog?” and he looked a little puzzled by my greeting but smiled then asked, “Umm? What is up-dog?”

The whole group heard him and broke into laughter. He totally missed what I said and took it completely out of context.

So ya, this whole Reader’s Digest site is pretty sweet. The jokes pages is awesome. I’m definitely gonna use there funny stories and jokes now when I speak. But of coarse, you’ll never know it…I’m smooth and well, just naturally funny.

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