I am so excited about my trip to the Ukraine. I have this incredible peace in my mind and in my heart about going and in how I am going to afford to go. It’s left me asking, “why is money so important?” It seems like everything is driven by money. It seems like nothing works without it. What’s funny though is that God and His creation does.

The “almighty dollar” does not dictate whether the rain will fall, or the sun will rise. Money cannot truly create life. Sure people buy animals and even pay to have them breed. And others pay money to adopt a baby, and we spend lots of money maintaining ourselves and saving ourselves from health problems. But basically, God’s creation does not cost a dime to make.

But everything else does???

Like my trip to the Ukraine. On top of the support I received a few weeks ago from my church district leadership, I have had 3 more people give me money towards going and another family has shared with me that they want to give as well. I am very confident that God is going to help me reach the financial obligation of going.

It’s going to be amazing. My life is going to be changed. I dream about what it could be like and I think about the things we are going to be doing. I spend several hours a week looking online at people’s blogs and websites who are from the Ukraine or are working in the Ukraine. Last night I even saw a Ukranian Christian Church in Sacramento and I really want to contact them and visit their church before I actually go to the Ukraine.

My heart is so excited to go. I am so ready for this trip…

One thought on “Excitement for Ukraine

  1. Hey Nick…I’m excited you get to go! Can I come too…I can fit into a medium suitcase!!!!I would LOVE to see Danny and Liese at “home”! I am a tad jealous:)

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