I was sharing with a friend and my girlfriend just last week that I wanted to start a weekly blog posting of randomness and to call it some clever. Another youth guy has done a similar thing (I’m getting my idea from him).

Why? What is the purpose of this? I look forward to reading his each week. They aren’t anything super profound, but sometimes they are. They are pretty basic thoughts and quick little diddy’s on what’s he has been up to. He calls it the “Monday Miscellaneous”. See, clever.

So I can’t piggy back on his idea too much, so Monday is shot. If I did it on Tuesday that might be a nightmare for me, given my Tuesday schedule, but then I could call it something like “Tuesday’s Tornado’s” or ya…probably not. Please don’t suggest “Wednesday’s Wacky Words” and Thursday would be a good day to do this weekly, but I have nothing on what I should call it. Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Ya…

Please notice that this weekly blog should have a name that all starts with the same letter. So W on Wednesday and T’s on Thursday or Tuesday. Or maybe that make it even that much worse of an idea. So now is your time for feedback…

I guess the question still needs to be answered…why do I want to do this and why am I so excited each week to read this other guy’s random happenings and thoughts?????

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