So I realized several months ago that the picture of me posted on the church site makes me look like a flippin’ fruit cake. [CLICK/LOOK HERE] And why did I notice? Well someone made a comment…hahaha.

Of coarse I ignored it but I’m not gonna lie, I kept thinking about it and I sorta agree. That pic is not me, anymore, and ya it needs to be updated. So I finally got up the gumption to ask our media guy from church to take a few new photo’s of me and last week at a few different times he capture my beautiful mug…

Which one do you think should be the “face of Nick Emery @ YCN”?

Please don’t print this photo’s out and throw things at them or sit at home, angry and curse at them. I have better photo’s for that if you need one…

2 thoughts on “time to vote

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