Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. Lot’s going on and this blog is going to be short too. I had a friend who lives close by come and visit during my free time in the afternoon yesterday and it was great to connect and have actual “adult” convo for a brief time.

Camp is awesome though. The kids are really connecting with one another and with the Lord. My heart is truly made happy as I hear the kids talk about the things they are learning and how God is speaking to them. Its really cool to see this young of campers understand that the Lord can guide them and speak to them directly.

Our counselors are doing an amazing job. They really are investing so much into these kids. We have a huge day planned today and tomorrow is the last full day with the students so please continue to pray for our counselors. They are so amazing and I’ve worked at several camps and spoken at others camps as well and this is probably the strongest team of counselors I’ve ever seen.

So I have to share with you this. It’s pretty humbling, but the kids here have made me out to be some kind of celebrity or something. It’s pretty funny, but ya. When I come down from my room in the morning or at lunch and they are all lined up, they see me and cheer. The chant my name before I get up to speak each time. Some of the kids will make signs and hold them up for me when I first speak. Kid want me to sign their shirts, their notebooks, etc. and others come and take pictures with me. Everywhere I go the kids always want to say and give me hugs. It’s really touching, and I know I am going to be sad to see them all leave Saturday.

Pray that the Lord really gives them the ability to go deep tonight and tomorrow night. Its my last two serious talks with the kids and tomorrow night we will give the campers another chance to accept Jesus into their hearts. So start praying for that. What better day to do that then 4th of July.

Tomorrow, is going to be awesome!

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