It’s been over a week since I was able to blog, and with my last blog I finished by saying “Tomorrow, is going to be awesome!” And let me tell you…it was.

On July 4th, 2008 Melanie and I got engaged!!! I am so excited. I told you it was going to be an amazing summer. I was on the verge of finishing up speaking that week at a camp near Santa Cruz and I invited her to come visit for the holiday weekend. We went into town and walked down on the board walk, and we even played some arcade games, then…we went for “the drive.” I had made plans for the camp photographer to meet us at the beach to take pictures so I could surprise Mel later, but, my directions weren’t so good and ya I had to pull over and stall. However, as we walked down the hillside to the ocean I noticed how amazing this spot was and I knew this was the place. (I also noticed across on the other rocks was the photographer, how awesome is that!) I told Melanie how much I loved her and shared with her how important she is to me,and how I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. And well, the rest was a blur but I do know she said yes and the ring looks so amazing on her finger. She is so amazing. I am so happy!

I love spending time with my wonderful fiance Melanie. She is simply amazing and I am completely in love with this amazing woman. “You’ve captured my heart, dear friend. You looked at me, and I fell in love. One look my way and I was hopelessly in love!”
[Song of Songs 4:9]

So ya, now you know. We are hoping to have our wedding in early February and it will probably be in Carmichel at the church Melanie grew up in.

More details will be listed and e-mailed once I get them…

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