About this time next week I will be traveling to San Francisco and meeting up with the team that I am going to the Ukraine with. We will leave first thing in the morning and travel together to JFK (about a 5 hour flight) before switching planes and flying directly to Kiev (about a 10 hour flight). Can I tell you how excited I am about this trip? Not super excited about 15+ hours of travel, but I am way excited to be going and totally blessed.

And even though I am pretty stoked about this trip, I am even more excited and amazed at how God works in providing for all of my needs. Just this last week I was several hundred dollars short and 3 more people all gave a hundred dollars or more in the last 3 days, narrowing the gap of money needed. Another friend gave $50 dollars just yesterday and then today, well today I found out something completely amazing…

This past weekend at church, without mentioning my need corporately to the whole church family, many decided to give money towards this trip to the Ukraine. We had a flyer updating parents in the bulletin this weekend about what’s happening while I am gone with youth group and Sunday School, and through that as well as through personal conversations I guess, God moved in a radical way in the hearts of many people at my church to give financially towards my trip.

Even as I am writing this e-mail I get word that even more money was given anonymously this weekend then we first thought. How amazing is this? God is so great; He has totally overwhelmed me with His covering and faithfulness. I serve a mighty God.

I’ve personally been praying that the Lord would give me extra to be able to give the local church work there. To show them they aren’t alone, that there are Believers in Yuba City, California who want God’s best for them. God not only covered my cost to go, but He heard my prayer and has equipped me to be able to represent our church’s faithful obedience to give. God is up to something amazing! What honor to be called by such a powerful and faithful God?!? Be praying for wisdom and direction in regards to where the “extra” funds will be and can be used.

Thank you for your support and prayers thus far and please keep praying.

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