Greetings Everyone from the Ukraine. It’s about 8:30pm on Friday here as I write. We are about 10 hours ahead of my West Coat friends.

My flights all went pretty smoothly with only some minor delays. With our layover my total travel time was 19 hours. I wasn’t able to sleep much either on the flights.

We are staying outside of Kiev at a former Soviet Troops camp. Pretty cool how they use it all now. Way different then anything I’ve ever seen in the US, but totally does look like something out of a movie.

Suffering from some culture shock tonight. Plus being tired, but the
Lord has been gracious. He has sustained me. There is a girl here from my old youth group in Redding who is doing a one-year internship in Germany with the Nazarene church. I’m getting to know my team I traveled here with too.

The meals here have all been traditional Ukraine meals, but nothing too strange. I’m taking lots of pictures and will be able to explain more later with those images the details of life and culture as I am experiencing it.

Please be in prayer for the remaining youth and youth workers coming from all over Europe, the Middle East, India, etc. Visas and immigration things can be pretty tricky. Pray also for my heart and mind as I adjust to everything here please. Also pray I can remember names and connect despite the language barrier.

Tonight those who are here early are having a worship service. Local Ukranian youth are leading. I’m pretty excited and I will share more later.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for believing in me and for supporting me.

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