The past few days of the conference have been amazing. God has given me many opportunities to connect with youth from throughout Europe and the Middle East to pray with them about their future in ministry. God is rising up a generation of new leaders for the church here. They suffer persecution that none of us in America ever face. It is worse than the race/ethnic battle in the U.S. God has been giving me many visions for certain youth, and I’m able to share those, share the Word, and pray for them. This huge region needs passionate leadership, and God is faithfully working that into existence.

I’ve really connected with a group of 9 from Denmark, the Danes. They are amazingly funny and they have a huge interface with American culture so we are able to communicate really well. There were my answer to prayer, actually, as the first few days were a real struggle for me here adjusting, and they brought me into their group and they tease me and include me like they do one another. It’s great!

Two of the gals from the Danish Group, their father pastors the Nazarene Church in Denmark. Pray for those girls and that church. Their father has made many sacrifices for the cause of the church and the Gospel of Christ and you can tell this has affected them. Pray that their hearts for the church are restored and that they can become champions and advocates of the Church of God in Denmark.

I find myself talking like I have an accent now. It’s pretty funny. The Danish have given me a nick-name. They call me the name they call the actually Danish doughnuts from the states. It’s pretty funny. I’ve told people from like Russia and Bulgaria that I’m even from Denmark as like a joke. Good times. In exchange I have taught the Danish great American phrases like “hecka tight” and “for real,” I’m a proud American!

Today we went into Kiev. I took so many pictures and learned a ton about the Orthodox Church and Communism and how those two things truly define Ukraine. This place has been amazing.

Many of the youth from Ukraine and Eastern Europe are here with us. They have a relentless passion to see their people set free and saved. Their worship is totally Spirit filled and the anointing of the Lord rests heavily upon them. Tonight’s focus will be the global church and the persecution it faces. We will experience the raw reality of what those churches and Believers face.

I’m journaling like crazy. God has been refreshing my heart daily. I’m hearing and receiving from the Lord in different ways too, it’s such a blessing. Such a blessing.

I have missionary friends I made a few months ago from Portugal here at the conference. We have been able to pray together and talk about how the youth ministry at Yuba City Naz can be helping them. We are praying about an exchange program for next summer even, helping prepare the Portuguese people to speak English before they go to Bible College in Northern Europe. Also, we are praying about doing a youth conference for their field (Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy). Great stuff.

I’m so grateful for your prayers. Keep praying for our team. They are doing an amazing job of connecting, encouraging, and ministering to the groups that are here! Pray for our health and continued safety. The heat isn’t bad, 75-80 every day, but it never cools off and none of the rooms have A/C and that is getting to all of us.

Thanks for believing in me and thank you for your prayers!

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