I’ve been in Kiev now for 8 days and I have 7 more days to go. The Nazarene Youth Conference here in Kiev for the Eurasia Region ended Thursday morning. There was about 300 youth, youth workers, youth pastors and pastors here from several countries. There were numerous cultures and languages. It was a huge learning experience. I found myself learning to worship corporately in a new way and I found my time with God to be very rich as I was separated from others much of the time because of language barriers.

After the closing devotions yesterday about 30 of us went back into the city and went to a Museum and then went shopping. Their two-story mall was all underground. They had many stores like in America and I even had lunch at McDonalds. I was able to get a new watch for myself and I picked up some other gifts. It was a great day in the city.

My new friends from Denmark left today. It was sad to say goodbye. They were such and answer to prayer for me. I felt very loved by the 8 of them, and I think I shared before that others just assumed I was Danish because of my connection with them, trying to learn the language, etc.

I travel by train in the morning to a village where I will be with 5 others: 2 Americans, 1 Ukrainian, 1 from Kergystan (spelling?), and 1 German. I will be there until Friday. They stay until Sunday, but I’m coming back home early because of football. The church of the Nazarene has 10 rehab homes in the Ukraine. 8 men and 2 female homes. We are going and staying in one of the homes. While there for the week we will do various work projects each morning and then do some evangelism in the afternoons and maybe services at night. Not totally sure, but it won’t be as rustic as I first thought, I hope.

I probably won’t be able to email until Friday night. So, just be praying for me this week without updates. If I can email I will do so Wednesday. (I’m using my iPhone to email right now) I had some stomach problems this evening and I was feeling homesick too. So be praying for that. Also, pray for the rest of my group that came from California. One of the gals from our group has lost her camera, journal, and her jacket. Please pray those things are found, it’s been discouraging for her. Also, she will be on her own for our missions trip this week, well not on her own, but with others, just none from our California team. The other two ladies will travel by train tomorrow night as well, to Odessa on the Black Sea. They have a 12 hour train trip, so be praying for that.

If I don’t get a chance to message you all again, I want you to know how grateful I am for your love, prayers and support. I’m scheduled to come back on the train Friday the 15th to Kiev and then I stay the night in the Kiev 1st Church of the Nazarene before flying out on the morning of the 16th. Keep me and another of my California team people in your prayers as we travel on the 15th and 16th.

Thanks again for everything. I’m eagerly waiting on the Lord to do some amazing things this week. My fingers are getting tired from using the touch screen keyboard on my screen, so I must close. Blessings to you all my friends!

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