It’s almost 3:30 in the afternoon as I write today. I’ve been in this small town/village since Saturday. When we arrived Saturday we had no running water and when we got water Monday, it was cold. Cold showers actually are helpful. They wake you up and cool you off quickly.

Kazatin is a very interesting place. Much different then anything I’ve ever experienced. The rich live alongside the poor. There is always something going on around town, but never too much. This is a place of extreme poverty, and extreme wealth. In America one can usually tell who is poor and who isn’t. That doesn’t work here…

Today has been very warm. We walked about 3 or 4 miles to a shelter for single moms. It’s brand new and has some really good care takers.We took food and toys for the kids. The Pastor we are working with (Sirgay) and his wife (Olga) went with us. It was the start of a new friendship between this organization and this church. Tonight we will return to the park (our 4th time) to connect with the youth and have competitions with them and give out prizes.

Yesterday the team went to a retirement center and poured the cement foundation for a garage. I stayed behind. I did not sleep the night before, something I ate kept me up all night and by 6am I was still in a lot of pain and laid in bed until noon before I started to feel better. I’m doing much better today.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Kazatin. My body is sore from my bed and I’m ready for a hot shower, but I will miss the men of this rehab house and the opportunities to serve here. Thursday we will do a drama and share about Christ at the retirement home. Friday is still undecided. I take the train back to Kiev Friday night and then fly out Saturday morning.

Please be in prayer for us as we work together as a team and as we serve this local church. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. I can’twait to share pictures with you all later.

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