They next time I will write here will be once I am home. Ahh, home…

I’m so tired. Last night I woke up a few times and each time I woke up, I thought for just a split second that I was at home, but then as I moved I was reminded of the mat and board I was sleeping on, or how hot and uncomfortable I was, etc. Harsh reality. I’m sure I will sleep well Saturday night after I shower in my shower and sleep in my bed. I can’t wait.

Pizza. I want pizza so badly, you have know idea. I just done with eating all of this unique food here. It’s been good, and I’ve always been full, rarely hungry, but I just want some normal stuff too. Well, what’s normal to me at least.

I really wished I had taken a few people I knew on this trip with me. I think that’s my only regret. A student, a friend, whoever. Just someone I knew and experience life with back home that could share in the afterwards of the trip. The other trips I have taken have been pretty epic, but this one has been character shaping. It showed me how much I truly have that I need to be grateful for and it gave me an amazing glipse into how God is at work in this part of the world. It’s been a real blessing…

I played European Football for about 3 hours today with some of the youth and the pastor we are working with. Had a blast, but I’m no soccer player. Two of us from America played and we had no translator. So if they got mad at me, I couldn’t tell. I wish it was like that back home…

I miss my students and I miss American football. Practice starts Monday. It will be good to get back into that right away. I miss my beautiful fiance and I can’t wait to plan the rest of our wedding together. August 6th made it 6 months away. I’m so excited about that. So excited…

Your prayers are needed to get me home safely tonight and tomorrow. God has been extremely gracious. We take the train from Kizatin to Kiev tonight, and stay at the church. Then we are taken to the airport in the morning and fly straight to JFK in NYC. After I clear customes, I fly into San Fran and should get there before 10pm on Saturday…

My cell phone bill is going to be outrageous. Sleeping in my own bed is going to be amazing. Seeing the ones I love and miss so much will be priceless.

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