Hi, my name is Nick, and I kill moths. You are probably wondering what in the world I am possibly talking about. So let me try to explain…

Earlier this summer I was at a family camp with several of our youth leaders, including the main youth pastor from the church. One morning during devotions and worship a moth had followed him into the building and flew around our group of people the entire time we were there. He would later share how God was using this moth to speak to him and to confirm some different things had been praying about. He also shared how this was not the first time God has worked this way in his life. Moth’s = something pretty deep for my fellow pastor/leader friend Todd.

Today, during our 11:15am service at church a group of the youth leaders, students leaders, youth staff and pastors meet for a time of leadership training. We had been talking about relationships, and dating, our expectations of our leaders who are dating, and how the counsel youth who are dating. Towards the end of our time, Todd asked me a question, or something, and I begin to respond, talking from my heart about my relationship and engagement with Melanie.

Now keep this in mind, earlier this summer Todd shared how God used moths to confirm things for him and this was a way God speaks to and ministers to Todd. Okay? Well, as I am sharing and responding to his question, sure enough, a moth flies right across my face.

And without hesitation, with a left handed leaning sweep, I bat down this helpless moth. I hit the moth so hard, that it hit the ground a good two feet from me and never really moved again.

I froze. I felt so bad. Not that I had killed some innocent moth, but that I may have just killed Todd’s “Jesus” moth. Oh man. I guess his facial expression in that moment was pretty priceless. I promptly apologized to Todd, the moth and even to Jesus and tried to continue in my train of thought. But ya…

Hi, my name is Nick, and I kill “Jesus” moths.

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