That might sound like an absurd title to a blog, but a friend recently sent me a text message with the following:

If you saw me in the back of a police car what would you think I was being arrested for? Answer me then pass this question on and see what crimes you’d commit…

So, I thought it worthy enough to re-post on my blog and see what comments it may generate, so…what if you saw me in a cop car, why would I be there? What had I done? I think I will give a prize to the best comment/answer…

One thought on “Did you see me in a police car???

  1. Ok…so, I would not think you were under arrest. Here’s what happened…You were inside the store( due to the fact that the drive through speaker had been knocked in by a drunken mule) Paying for not only your coffee but also the little grandma behind you, when out of nowhere an out of control semi careened into and demolished your poor car. At the same time you received a call saying your house was flooding and only your brute strength could stop the calamity. The responding officer offered to take you home. You gratefully accepted. You were in the backseat because the grandma whose coffee you bought, Begged the officer to let her ride along for the day. Being the gentle man that you are…You allowed her to occupy the front seat. In all honesty…That is what I would think…A few more twists and turns of course…you get the jist!

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