I really don’t know what it is, but in the last month or so I haven’t done a good job at keeping my blog updated. I even said, “I’m gonna” and well, I didn’t…but, I wanted to.

Speaking of wanting to…I was wanting to change the layout on my blog. (Two of my friends have some amazing layouts that inspired me). I found something I really liked and as I was copying and pasting it into my layout editor and it deleted my old layout of coarse and well, I lost my links I had set to other pages, my page counter, etc. and I didn’t even keep that “new” layout. Total bummer dude.

So speaking of bummer deals…American Idol wasn’t that great tonight. I was so excited to watch it. Not because of the performers, but because today I got U-Verse from AT&T installed at the house and I really wanted to test out our new DVR. Well the DVR worked great and even Melanie has figured out how to use it, but seriously, American Idol wasn’t that great. Oh, and talk about bummer deals. Did you see The Bachelor? I don’t really watch that show (just my wife and every other female in my life…) and wow, that Jason dude dumped that girl on national TV and tried to “re-connect” with the girl he didn’t choose. Bummer/awkward/crazy/drama. But back to American Idol…I think the last girl who sang did a pretty good job, but my blog layout failure was happening at the same time as we watched that show, so I really didn’t pay much attention.

And when it comes to not paying attention…still no news on the job front and it feels like there isn’t anything out there, or that the people I am sending my resume to, calling, or e-mailing aren’t really paying attention. God’s got something. I’m starting to really believe that its something completely different, yet amazing, then what I’ve hoped for. Secondly, our new up-stairs neighbors weren’t really paying attention either. This past Friday we woke up to water all over our master bathroom floor that was coming from above. They weren’t using a shower curtain and their shower wasn’t sealed properly and ya, it started coming through out ceiling. We got them a little a lesson on shower etiquette and we will get our ceiling fixed soon.

Well the last few weeks have been pretty amazing. If you aren’t on MySpace or Facebook and haven’t seen wedding photos or honeymoon photos then let me know, I can send you some. Not gonna lie, but we have some really good photos going on. Here is the link to our photographer: http://www.andersonimages.net/020609.html so check those pictures out when you get a chance.

So I leave with you with a few shaky and quick videos I took of the whales in Kauai. I promise I will post a few more photo’s this next week or so and include the stories that go along with it.



3 thoughts on “American Idol + Blog Changes + Catching Up

  1. I would really appreciate it if you could put the link back on for your friends adopting from Ethopia. I was enjoying their journey to Violet. So when you have an extra minute…

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