Here are some of the photo’s from CBC Family Camp 2009 that Melanie was able to snag…

4 years ago Shawn & Melissa got married and 2 years ago they became Christians. They wanted to now, during Family Camp at Meek’s Bay, wanted to renew their vows. Before the ceremony started Curt had the men come and pray over Shawn and the ladies prayed over Melissa.

This smiling lady is our friend Shari…she’s pretty amazing. We probably wouldn’t have been at Family Camp this year if she didn’t share her cabin rental with us.

A picture of my mug before our boat ran out of gas and we floated out to the middle of Lake Tahoe…

The CBC Church Family has had a lot of new babies lately. I got to hold this cutie for a few…

This is Larry, one of the church deacons and his grandson Andre. Larry is married to Shari’s sister and we all stayed in the same cabin. Andre became my little buddy and he won every game of “Guess Who?” that we played.

Our friend Kristy and her daughter Bell, and then that’s Jon hanging in the background…all 3 of them are pretty silly people…they helped make getting stranded on the lake a little more enjoyable.

Mel and her BFF Katy on the boat.

Katy hanging out in a tepee…and she’s not even Native American.

I am so GQ…hahaha, or just all smiles (cause my Melanie is holding the camera)

Shari’s sisters…on the left is Diane and on the right is Gayle (Larry’s wife).

This is Katy’s mom and dad, Mary Ann & Gary…I love these guys!!!

And this is Pastor Curt’s wife…she’s gonna love that I have this picture up…!!!

The gathering spot for our group times each day…

Pastor Curt preping us for baptism’s in Lake Tahoe @ Meek’s Bay

Card playing sharks everywhere…

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