Last weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday. It was a good birthday. I am little OCD so just being 28 is better then being 27 already. (Do you get why…???) I got lots of great gifts and have had some fun meals with family and friends. While home in Washington for Thanksgiving my mother and sister threw me a little surprise party and that was very special too.

Christmas, it’s nearly Christmas people!!! Are you ready? We just started out shopping yesterday. Friday night we sat down and started making a list and setting a budget. Christmas is crazy. But here is what I noticed…that some places give you money back (or a gift card or a just a gift) when you buy from them.
I get a present when I buy others presents? Am I the only one who feels a little guilty over that?? I mean, I am still going to use it for myself probably, but wow…how crazy is that.
And people out shopping are nuts. I know we all complain about this, so why is it that everyone out there is still rude and crazy and going a hundred-million miles per hour? Let’s stop it people. Whether we go 5 m.p.h. through the parking lot, or 7…we’ll get to the entrance/exit at the same time…settle down. And your question for the sales clerk can actually be answered after mine because I’ve been standing in line, waiting my turn, for 10 minutes now…
I think what I love about it being almost Christmas is the cards we get from people in the mail. We don’t get a ton, but we do get some and we love them. The picture ones are my favorite because then I don’t have to put a lot of effort into reading them. Melanie really wanted to do a picture Christmas card this year…and I sort of dragged my feet. Maybe next year?
I’m already looking forward to January. Its the start to a new year. Again, my OCD will appreciate it being 2010 and not 2009. I’m looking forward to a teaching series at youth group we’ll be starting and in January we will launch/re-launch a student leadership program for the youth as well. I love equipping students. I also want to try and write more. I’ve been working on a kids book this year and I want to finish at least 2 of them and get someone to illustrate them and maybe try and get them published. I also want to become a pro on my MacBook Pro.
It’s nearly Christmas and I’m already looking forward to next year. Focus. I don’t want to miss anything this year at Christmas. This year I get to start a new tradition: its my first year of being married at Christmas, and I am thinking that this Christmas will be extra special.

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