The sub plan left for me today while subbing at a local high school called for me to push play on a DVD player for a movie and collect relfection papers…so during my “prep” period I didn’t have much to do to prepare for any of the other classes. Usually in situations like this I have a book handy, however I left today without one so turned to some online news articles to help pass the time.

I found one from a writer on that talked about some of the things American’s are paying way to much money for. The first two things on their list blew me away…

Did you know there is a 6,500% mark-up by cell phone carriers for text messages? Now, on my cell phone plan we have 3 phones and we pay a flat, extra, rate for all 3 of us to have unlimted text messages. Usually between the 3 of us, in a month we can send between 800-1200 text messages. For some of you, that seems like a lot, and for others of you (and you know who you are…) that’s nothing! The article says that that it costs the cell phone companies 1/3 of 1 penny for each text message you send so whether you pay for an unlimted plan like we do, or you just simply pay-per-text, that’s still a crazy, crazy profit margin for the cell phone companies. You do the math…I did, and that’s some crazy profits.

The second thing this articles on said was that a medium bag of popcorn at the movie theater costs only 60 cents, but most places charge $6 for that sized bag. That’s a 900% profit for them on their popcorn and most of their other snacks and here is the reason why…the theater owners claims that’s the only place they can make a profit is with their food. Seriously? I pay how much to see a movie? And that’s all at cost? Really…?!?!? I guess I’ll show them and not buy all their expensive snack foods anymore…hahaha, ya right.

Another great article I found today was on and it was talking about some of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world.

1. Paris
2. San Francisco
3. Sydney
4. Florence
5. Cape Town

They also places like Vancover (Canada), Chicago, NYC, London, and Venice on their list as well. Now, I’ve been to a few of these places like SF and NYC. I’ve even been to London and Florence, but man, I’d love to jump onto my own little private jet with my wife and fly all over the world checking out these other beautiful cities. What other cities do you think should be on this list? What cities have you visited before that you found to be amazing and beautiful?

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