Starting at midnight tonight, I will be joing some of the students of Riverside Student Ministries in a 21 day fast from all social media. That means for me: no TV, no facebook or twitter, no youtube or internet stuff that isn’t necessary for work. And, I will even attempt to stay away from e-mails and texts that aren’t family or work related. This will be from now, until  June 14th and the fast will last for 21 days, and the goals of this fast are as follows:

1) That the our eye’s will be opened as to how much time we devote to social media and that our eyes will be opened as to how social media influences us daily.
2) That we would use the time and space created by this fast to press into God through spending additional time praying, reading ourBibles, and seeking Him.
3) We are encouraged to pick one issue that is facing our community to commit to pray for daily during the duration of the fast. I am specifically praying through the list of students that have been to Riverside in the last year and I praying through that list daily and for other specific needs of RWC & our church family

All of us participating in this fast will have a sponsor from our church family. We are asking individuals and/or families to sponsor a student who has signed up for the media fast. Sponsors will be given a specific student in which they will commit to pray daily for them and their commitment to fast and they are asked to donate $20. This $20 will go towards the youth group’s incarnational ministry project in our community this June.

So, this is going to be a big deal for me. I am pretty connected to social media. I would love your prayers and your encouragement during this time. And be praying for the students who are choosing to do this as well. Honestly, most aren’t doing it – 21 days – that’s a long time. But a handful of them are and I am proud of them and I am excited to be doing this with them.

For the past several weeks we’ve been talking with the students about practical ways to connect with God and to be refueled by the power of the Lord. We’ve encouraged them to stop feeling guilty over not being some super Christian and start looking for small ways to connect with God. This will be a big step for many, but I know they can do. I am praying for them, will you join me?

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