To my RWC Church Family and many friends:

I write this post to you and your family on behalf of myself and my family.

During our worship service this past Sunday at RWC it was announced that I have been called to pastor our sister church in Carson City, Nevada – Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church. Our last Sunday at Riverside will be May 12th.  Leaving this loving church family will be very hard for us as we deeply care for all of you and for this church.  And, you have faithfully cared for us – for that, we are so very grateful. However, we are only moving a few hours away and we are so excited to step into this new season of ministry.

The Process

The opportunity to pursue this ministry position came to us a mere 6 or 7 weeks ago. Just prior to this opportunity being made available to us in Nevada, Pastor Mike had announced to RWC that I would be stepping away from student ministry at the church and focusing more on family based ministries at the church. Our pastoral leadership team had been praying and strategically planning for this transition for some time. And yet, at this same time, the church in Nevada had been looking for a few months for a new senior pastor. The church district leadership had wanted to try and place a more experienced pastor at this church for the previous pastor was very loved and he had served this church faithfully for 25 years before retiring due to health issues. Even in mid-February I had been told that this church would not be ideal for a young pastor. However, Pastor Mike, and one of our district’s Assistant District Superintendents (who have both poured into me, mentored and coached me), both felt that this ministry opportunity would be something I am fitted and equipped for. Through their leadership and influence, I was presented to our church district leadership as a possible candidate and then contacted by the church board in Nevada.  We all are amazed at how God’s hand and timing was in this process and how He has led us out of one area and into another!

Pastor Mike & Robin have been so faithful to help develop and equip Melanie and myself for ministry. Pastor Mike not only allowed me to participate in district leadership events and groups, but he fostered opportunities, encouraged my participation and lovingly cheered me on to pursue all that God was preparing us for. It is because of you Church that I will be ordained this summer as a Wesleyan pastor. Pastor Mike and the RWC leadership made sure I was able to take all the classes necessary to accomplish this. I am grateful for his leadership and his friendship and for his heart to disciple, equip, and release. Since coming to RWC in November of 2009, I was able pursue many great things and I grew so much in my ministry position at our church. I have been very blessed and I am very excited that I will be able to maintain that strong connection with Pastor Mike (and thus RWC) in my new role as the Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church.

The Future

We want you to know how grateful we are for you and this church. It has been a true honor to serve here and our prayer for this church is that it will continue to reach people in Pocket/Greenhaven with the love message of Jesus Christ and this church will continue to be a loving community of dynamic faith that seeks to advance the Kingdom of God. Although our season of ministry at RWC will draw to an end very soon, it is our desire to maintain our connection with each of you.  Thank you for believing in us, for encouraging us, and for loving on my family and myself. We love every one of you and we look forward to hearing from you how God is at work in the life of RWC. Stay faithful to this amazing church family and may all that you do, be for the glory of our Lord and Savior.

Continue to pray for us as we serve the Kingdom together, but now at Good Shepherd Wesleyan Church!  Bless you all saints!

– Pastor Nick Emery

4 thoughts on “a new season

  1. This is so exciting. How awesome to get started on this path so early in life. You and Mel will be great. I miss having you guys at life group with us.

  2. What a gracious testimony… beautifully stated, my friend. Excited to hear how God continues to use you and your entire family for His Kingdom. Many blessings to you and yours!

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