Nick is 39 and married his best friend, Melanie, on February 6, 2009. Together they have two beautiful daughters and one handsome son. He is the pastor of Hope Crossing Community Church and also serves as the Executive Director of Life Choices Community Pregnancy Clinic – both in Carson City, Nevada

Nick will often say: “I don’t think anyone can just ‘have a good day,’ but rather, they must purpose to ‘make it a great day.'” He believes that decisions impact our destiny, so to choose Christ and make wise decisions. Above all else, Nick desires to be known as a man who loved God with all that he had. It is a passion of his to see others fall madly in love with Jesus, to find ways to show the power and grace of God and to commit themselves to a vibrant life of prayer. It is his dream, goal and the cry of his heart to raise up leaders and believers who know God and know who they are in God and will take that and share it with the world.

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