going public

Melanie and I are excited to announce that we have started the process to adopt a baby. Due to privacy concerns of the birth mother, her family, and the unborn baby we cannot give many details. However, we are “going public” with this because we need your prayers and support more than we can put into words. 

We are so excited to see how this next big adventure unfolds. We would love your prayers at this time for protection over the birth mom & the baby. She is now safely back in Sacramento and looking for housing – pray for this as well – the birth mom is due in March of 2012. Melanie and I have found a great Christian attorney who has agreed to help with our adoption and we’d love for you to pray for this journey we are on. 

Our amazing family & our friends have already stepped up to help us with this incredible journey. And besides your prayers & encouragement, we’d love your support too. We have friends who are going to be helping us with fundraisers for this adoption and we have had family & friends who have helped make the birth mom’s travel back to Sacramento possible. We won’t be able to do this alone and we are so grateful for how the Lord has provided everything we need thus far – and we are confident that He will continue to work miracles during this whole process.

And what is so stinkin’ rad is that by March, Melanie and I will be parents – we are so excited to be parents! We have a lot to still do in this process & we are guarding our hearts but we are stepping out and going for this and we are so grateful to share this with you. 

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