Our Flight to Kauai…

Melanie and I started our honeymoon a bit early. Our wedding was on a Friday night and we were not going to fly out of San Francisco for Kauai until Monday morning, so originally we had made a reservation at a hotel near the airport for Sunday night but we decided to leave for downtown SF on Saturday and we stayed there that night. That Sunday we went down to the piers and checked out several shops and we had lunch down on the pier too and saw/heard the Sea lions. Then we checked out the aquarium…if you’ve never been, check that place out…

(Here I am in the Aquarium with my new friend: Sharkey)

(Melanie loves this photo of us…I love Melanie)

We stopped at Starbucks at the end of our adventures down at the pier and got the official San Fran Starbucks Mug. We’ve decided we are going to collect them wherever we go together. (We also go one at the Starbucks in Kauai too.)

We got picked up early by our shuttle on Monday morning and arrived a little after 6am at the airport. Our travel agent that booked our honeymoon (and she did a great job, so if you need a travel agent for anything, let me know and I will give you her information) had sent us all of our travel documents but we still had to check-in with an airline agent to get our actual tickets at United. Our travel documents had our seats confirmed as 20A and 20B, or something like that, but when we got our tickets we noticed they said 6A and 6B, but we thought nothing of it and headed towards the gate after grabbing some food and coffee.

So after some coffee and breakfast food…we got a little goofey. There is something about being just married that makes us forget about everyone else there. Well…maybe Melanie didn’t forget, but I sure did and I was extra “silly” that morning. As we sat there, about to go on our honeymoon, we were totally in awe of God, still in shock about finally being married and reflecting about our wedding ceremony. We had Mel’s camera and we looked through as many pictures as we could and laughed and smiled the whole time.

Well I mentioned that our seats got changed, but we had no idea what kind of change we got. Before we boared the plane I went to counter to see how much and upgrade would be. Melanie had never flown 1st class before and our flight was going to be about 5 hours long and this was our honeymoon, so why not live it up? But, “living it up” was going to cost about $400 per person, so we kindly said “no-thanks” and thought we’d put up with the seats we had already been given. At no point did that 6A & 6B seats were tickets for a 1st class experience.

…so, we were totally shocked…
…and I was most definately stoaked!

As we settled into our chairs and the 1st class experience of the airline, we went through their safety procedures. We pulled out the safety card, only to see image #4…I looked at Melanie, she looked at me and we burst into laughter.

Is that a midget getting help from the lady or her kid?!?! It totally looked like a midget (or little person if you are picky) and well, you know that commonly I tease people about my daily escapades with various types of midgets.

So our weekend in San Fran and our flight to Kauai was amazing. We have no idea how we got upgraded to 1st class. Maybe someone called ahead and paid for it or used their air miles? Maybe the airline agent who checked us in saw we were on our honeymoon and somehow upgraded us? Or maybe it was just a fluke thing that happened? Whatever the case, we sure enjoyed it and it really blessed us and helped to start our honeymoon on an amazing note.