Spring Break 2009

It’s been a few years now since I’ve had spring break “off” from anything. Kinda of nice…we started the break off by going to San Francisco on Friday with my wife.

We stayed downtown at a nice hotel and went and saw Wicked at the Orpheum. It was pretty amazing. Melanie has been to a lot more productions then I have, and she said this was the first one she has been to where the cast got a standing ovation from everyone. If you can, go see this play…the music and the story is really good.

Saturday we made a little adventure for ourselves and tried to self-navigate to the San Fran Zoo. It took us awhile, but we finally made it there and had a ton of fun.

The rest of the pictures from our time at the zoo on FaceBook

Yesterday went to a church in Citrus Heights and really enjoyed that. Then at lunch we sat near the most interesting woman in the world. She loved to talk about going to church, prayer and Jesus while interjecting a slew of curse words. It kept us giggling…that’s for sure.

Today I got up bright and early with a list of things to accomplish:
-Mail in taxes
-Go grocery shopping
-Strip/Clean/Seal tile floors
-Scrub down walls in entry
-Vacuum, dust, and clean bathroom
-Start on “Thank-You” cards
-Get flowers & a card
-Prep for dinner guests

I got most of my stuff done too. I couldn’t start on the whole “strip/clean/seal tile floors” today because I didn’t have the right brushes, or something like that…and well, I never did get started on any thank you notes yet. I did get my lovely wife some flowers though.

Today makes it 2 months of being married. Yeah…being married is amazing. People say its just because we are “newly weds” but I hope this feeling never ends. Let no one split apart what God has joined together.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Marysville/Yuba City to help my buddy Dallas with work in his back yard. Can you believe that guy is getting married in a month?!? I’m excited for him and Shawnesy and I’m pretty honored to be the best-man at his wedding.