“The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” (Proverbs 14:15)

In the New Living Translation, “simple believer” is changed to “only simpletons.” In the New American Standard Bible, “simple believer” changes to “naive believer.”

Simple. Simpleton. Naive. Probably not words one wants to describe themselves, right? Yet – do they describe you and your pursuit of the Lord? For when we start to believe anything and everything, then it shows us to be true simpletons, naive, without conviction about anything.

We live in a world of tolerance and more and more the church is being called to show its tolerance to many things that God’s standard, His conviction for Holy living opposes. Tolerance of such things is really only spiritual ignorance.

Having faith in God like a child does not mean we have to ignore or give up on living practical, holy lives. If we are consumed with a true faith in the Lord it will actually cause us to be more more careful as we seek out His will for each step we take in life.

Living a life of vibrant faith then is not an excuse to avoid planning, or preparing, etc. Rather, a life of vibrant faith should cause us to pray through things even more, with a clear focus on God and hearing from Him about His sovereign plan for your life.

We must guard our hearts from a lack of ability to distinguish between truth and error. We live in a world and at a time when each believer must live out a vibrant life of faith. And that my friends, is anything but simple or naive.

May you give much prayer and thought to each step, each conversation, each meeting you have this day.